LEGO Icons 10332 Medieval Town Square is set to hit the market in 2024


For a while, the LEGO knight theme had been somewhat overlooked, but last year marked LEGO’s 90th anniversary, and they celebrated it with the release of LEGO Icons 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle. It seems like this theme is getting a fresh start because an earlier leaked survey this year revealed the first image of the successor to the 2009 LEGO 10193 Medieval Market Village. Regrettably, we can’t share the image of the set due to a watermark, but we can tell you that LEGO Icons 10332 Medieval Town Square will be available in the LEGO Shop in 2024 for €229.99.

LEGO 10193 Medieval Market Village (2009)

LEGO Icons 10332 Medieval Town Square

LEGO Icons 10332 Medieval Town Square is a set with 3304 pieces, featuring four medieval houses with facades that can be closed, similar to the Lion Knight’s Castle. This means you can choose between displaying two closed houses or playing with four houses open at the back. These structures include an old farmhouse, a cheese factory, a blacksmith shop, and a watchtower. Surrounding these medieval buildings are four trees, all constructed from LEGO bricks. The set will come with at least eight minifigures, including a villain, carpenter, tax collector, rug weaver, blacksmith, and a tower guard. Additionally, the set will feature a variety of animals, such as two sheep, a cow with a calf, a horse, a cat, different birds, squirrels, and a goat.

  • Set number: 10332
  • Name: Medieval Town Square
  • Theme: Icons
  • Pieces: 3304
  • Minifigures: 8
  • Price: €229.99/$229.99 in LEGO Shop
  • Release date: 2024
  • Age: 18+

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