LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: everything you need to know


The first photos of LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale surfaced last weekend, but now the product images have also appeared. The 56th model in the Ideas series will be exclusively launched on April 1, 2024, in the LEGO Shop for €359,99/$359.99. Upon purchasing the set, you will receive the 165-piece LEGO 5008325 Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Dice Box as a gift. We recommend everyone to act quickly, as these kinds of GWPs (Gift With Purchase) typically sell out fast.

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LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale

In 2022, LEGO and Dungeons & Dragons joined forces to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular fantasy role-playing game. On the LEGO Ideas platform, builders could design their own unique Dungeons & Dragons set, and Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End by designer Boltbuilds was ultimately chosen as the winner. Below, you can see what the original design looked like. LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale consists of 3745 pieces, which is 700 more than the original. The LEGO designers have made it a bit more colorful and completely revamped the dragon, now in red and with fabric wings.

The set remains fundamentally the same, featuring a watchtower atop a rock where you can place the red dragon Cinderhowl, a bridge, and an inn with a removable roof and an upper floor for easy access. Additionally, at the front, there is a green area with a small tree. LEGO has opted for an open back, providing direct access to the interior and a dungeon. The structure measures 48 cm high, 37 cm wide, and 30 cm deep.

To bring the LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale castle to life, several additional creatures from the D&D universe have been added alongside the dragon. Among these creatures are a Beholder, Owlbear, and Displacer Beast. The set includes 3 skeletons and 6 unique minifigures: an elf wizard, a dwarf cleric, a gnome fighter, an orc rogue, a tavern keeper, and dragonborn Alax Jadescales. Two different facial prints are available for the minifigures: one for the female version and one for the male version of the character.

LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale

For LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale, Wizards of the Coast has developed a custom adventure. You can download this book for free in the LEGO Insiders Rewards Center, and a physical paperback will also be offered for 2700 Insiders points. During the adventure, search for magical items, discover Easter eggs, and beware of traps and Cinderhowl as you explore the inn, tower, and dungeon. On April 6th, a special Dungeons & Dragons game will take place at the LEGO House with various personalities and designers. This event will be broadcasted on the LEGO website among other platforms.

LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale

The set includes 4 instruction booklets for building different parts of the set, allowing you to build together with your D&D group, along with interviews with the fan designer of the set and more. “The combination of the Dungeons & Dragons theme with my love for history, fantasy, and games has inspired me to create a design with various challenges and routes to explore. I’ve had a lot of fun with it. It’s a real honor to design this piece and see my design developed into a detailed LEGO set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic game,” said Lukas Bolt, the designer of the original LEGO Ideas project.

LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale

Besides the arrival of this LEGO Ideas set and the gift with purchase, the collaboration will continue with LEGO 71047 Dungeons & Dragons Collectible Minifigures. The collection will consist of 12 minifigures and will be packaged in the new cardboard packaging. The launch of this series is scheduled for September 1st in the LEGO Shop, with each blind box costing €3,99/$4.99.


  1. I’m sorry, but this set looks like shit. Originally I was extrimely excited about it – I’m a D&D fan, I love medievil theme, original winning design was fantastic. But this reworked one looks like random-colored unbalanced set for kind from DreamzZzzZzzZ series. This is total skip and bummer for me, and I spent in total 10k+ euros on lego sets in 2023, so sometimes I buy even contraversary sets (but not this one).

  2. I agree, I liked the original entry from BoltBuilds much better. This happened before with the Viking Village which I thought the original entry looked better with darker colors and more compact. I still invested in Lego’s Viking Village (in fact I bought 2 to combine in a bigger village), but I think I will pass on this one. It is a shame, I was psyched to get this.


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