LEGO Ideas Review Unveils Winning Projects: Jaws and Cat Sets Set to Hit the Shelves


LEGO has announced the winners of the third LEGO Ideas review round of 2022. Out of 35 designs, Jaws by Jonny Campbell (Diving Faces) and Cat by Damian Andres (The Yellow Brick) have been selected for future commercial release. The sets’ availability date is still unknown, but it is anticipated to be in 2024.

LEGO Ideas

In addition to the mentioned designs, several other LEGO Ideas projects are expected in the near future. These include:


The Jaws LEGO Ideas project reached 10,000 votes on November 8, 2022. It was designed by Diving Faces and took 238 days to gather enough votes. The project had previously been successful in November 2020 but was not chosen by LEGO at that time.

Compared to the initial design, the Jaws set features small changes such as a different color scheme for the ship and some modifications on the deck. The shark has also undergone a facelift, with sharper jaws that appear more aggressive than the first version.

This project is based on the 1975 film directed by Steven Spielberg and the 1974 novel by Peter Benchley. The set includes minifigures of Martin Brody, Matt Hooper, and Quint, as well as the iconic shark named Bruce.

Diving Faces decided to recreate the iconic boat, Orca, and a brick-built shark for the set. The Orca consists of 1,050 bricks, while the shark uses 550 bricks. The boat features a detailed interior with fishing equipment and the famous yellow barrels – ‘not with 3 he can’t’.


The second winner, Cat by Damian Andres, was inspired by the designer’s own pet cat. The current model consists of 1,972 bricks and measures 30.4 cm tall, 20.3 cm deep, and 17.8 cm wide. The set includes a cat resembling a mix of a Birman and Siamese breed, a bowl of milk, and a fishbone.

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