First teaser for LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons


LEGO has shared the first teaser today for LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons. This set had recently been leaked, but the images contained a watermark and LEGO takes a strict stance against such leaks. In the teaser, we see a Gelatinous Cube, a monster from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. This cube is capable of absorbing and digesting organic material, as evidenced by the skeleton present within it. Additionally, there are a coin, key, pan, and shield featuring a print of the purple Beholder, which was also part of the original submission.

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LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons

LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons consists of 3,745 pieces and will have a recommended retail price of €359.99/$359.99 in the LEGO Shop. The designers have incorporated many ideas from the original design, Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End by Boltbuilds, but the end result has become much more colorful. In the foreground, there is an inn, and in the background, the ruins of a watchtower. The dragon also makes its appearance in the final set, but now in red and with fabric wings. There are at least 6 minifigures representing various races and classes from the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

  • Set number: 21348
  • Name: Dungeons & Dragons
  • Theme: Ideas
  • Pieces: 2228
  • Minifigures: 6
  • Price: €359,99/$359.99 in LEGO Shop
  • Release date: April 1, 2024
  • Age: 18+

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