Launching August 16, 2023: LEGO Fantasy Adventure Ride in VIP Rewards Centre


LEGO enthusiasts in the European market are in for a treat as the LEGO VIP Rewards Centre introduces two new captivating sets: the LEGO Space Adventure Ride and the Fantasy Adventure Ride. These additions to the collection were initially unveiled during Bricktober 2022 in Asia last year. The Space Adventure Ride set has already made its debut in the LEGO Shop VIP Rewards Centre, while the Fantasy Adventure Ride was initially scheduled for release on July 11th but has been postponed by a month, now set to launch on August 16th.

The complete adventure-themed collection consists of four sets, with the LEGO 5007428 Dragon Adventure Ride and 5007427 Pirate Adventure Ride having been introduced towards the end of the previous year.

LEGO Space Adventure Ride

The LEGO Space Adventure Ride, available since June 16, 2023, and the Fantasy Adventure Ride, scheduled for August 2023, are exclusive VIP Rewards, accessible solely through the LEGO VIP Rewards Centre. To obtain each set, a total of 2400 VIP points needs to be redeemed, equivalent to a value of €16. Upon redemption, you will receive a unique code, which can be applied during your next purchase. It’s important to note that this code remains valid for a maximum of 60 days. However, only one physical VIP Reward can be redeemed per order, although VIP discount codes can be stacked for combined usage.

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