LEGO 4000042 The Vault Memory Lane: Exclusive Set for LEGO Inside Tour 2024


Each year, LEGO designs an exclusive set for the LEGO Inside Tour. Thanks to one of the participants, the first images of the 2024 model, LEGO 4000042 The Vault Memory Lane, have now surfaced. The box indicates that a total of 50 copies are available, but this is specific to that version of the box, as it is personalized with a group photo on the back.

LEGO 4000042 The Vault Memory Lane

In December 2022, the famous LEGO product archive, known to many simply as “The Vault,” was relocated to a new location to make room for a continuously growing collection of LEGO sets. The chosen location to house this true treasure was the top floor of the LEGO Group’s former woodworking factory, built in 1942. Today, visitors to The Vault can experience decades of LEGO history with over 9,000 LEGO sets present. The sets are arranged in chronological order, starting from 1958 and ending with the most recent ones. At the very end of the vast space, there are exhibition cases displaying examples of both wooden and plastic toys from the company’s earliest days.

LEGO 4000042 The Vault Memory Lane contains a selection of LEGO minifigures representing both LEGO Inside Tour guests and guides, along with an archive worker diligently curating the vast collection. You’ll also find a rocking horse on display, just like in the real Vault. A particularly noteworthy element is the 3D-printed version of the iconic wooden LEGO duck, rendered in dark green. This color has never been used for this specific element before, making it exclusive to this set.

The LEGO pieces comprising LEGO 4000042 The Vault Memory Lane have been carefully chosen to represent some of the most iconic sets and product lines from LEGO history. You’ll find sets representing LEGO City, Technic, Friends, Fabuland, MINDSTORMS, and more. Additionally, there are items specifically selected by Henrik Anderson, the set’s designer, to add a personal touch. These include sets Henrik received as a child, some he designed during his many years as a LEGO Designer Master, and finally, a set that served as a tribute to a deceased LEGO designer colleague.

During the Inside Tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see how all LEGO bricks are produced, meet designers, and take a tour of the unique history of the LEGO Group, all hosted in the original home of Ole Kirk. However, the Inside Tour is not cheap, as a ticket costs 20,000 DKK, which equates to 2685 euros. This price includes three nights with breakfast (from Wednesday to Friday), catering on Wednesday and Thursday, and an admission ticket to LEGOLAND. All communication regarding the LEGO Inside Tour and the tour itself will be conducted in English. LEGO fans wishing to participate in the tour must be at least 12 years old. Children and teenagers between 12 and 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult participant. In December 2024, it will be possible to sign up again for next year’s Inside Tour.

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