LEGO 40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration will be available as a gift with purchase (GWP) starting from July 1, 2023


Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and in partnership with LEGO, they have already released and presented various anniversary sets. Excitingly, starting from July 1, 2023, fans can anticipate a fantastic gift with purchase: LEGO 40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration. This special gift will be received with any Disney purchases totaling $/€100 or more. Moreover, on the same day, the highly anticipated LEGO Disney 43222 The Disney Castle will also be unveiled.

LEGO 40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration

LEGO 40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration consists of 226 bricks and features a minifigure of Mickey Mouse with a new torso print: a light gray suit and a red bow tie. The left part of the set showcases a brick-built ‘100’ logo, symbolizing Disney’s 100th anniversary. Additionally, there is a cake with candles and two balloons.

The middle section represents a cinema, with the wall shaped like Minnie Mouse and a white screen adorned with a dark red border. LEGO has included a light brick in the projector, using a printed piece to create a special effect. The set also includes a small cinema seat with a popcorn bucket on the armrest.

On the right side of LEGO 40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration, there is a small desk with a lamp. The desk features a tile with a print of Steamboat Willie.

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