LEGO 40687 Alien Space Diner to Debut in May 2024 as Gift with Purchase (GWP)


2024 is the year of space sets, and soon another new gift with purchase will be released: LEGO 40687 Alien Space Diner. The set is not yet available in the LEGO Shop, but an eBay user has shared the first images of the set. We expect the GWP to be offered around May 15, possibly in conjunction with LEGO Icons 10341 NASA Artemis Space Launch System. The conditions are still unknown.

LEGO 40687 Alien Space Diner

LEGO 40687 Alien Space Diner consists of 239 pieces and comes with two minifigures in the form of an orange and white astronaut with the classic Space logo. The small space café features two benches, a kitchen, a cash register, and various accessories such as a menu, a tray, a small rocket, a UFO, milkshakes, and a sign with the text ‘diner’. The chef is a green alien with a white chef’s hat, three tentacles, three eyes, and the figure is on a rotating stand.

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