LEGO 40704 Micro NINJAGO Docks now available as Insiders Reward


LEGO 40703 Micro NINJAGO City was made available in March in the Insiders Rewards Center, and now it’s time for the second model in the collection: LEGO 40704 Micro NINJAGO Docks. The series consists of a total of four models representing micro-scale versions of the entire NINJAGO City series. You can order the set starting today in the Insiders Rewards Center under the section ‘Collector’s Items’ for 2700 Insiders points, which equates to a value of €18.

LEGO 40704 Micro NINJAGO Docks

LEGO 40704 Micro NINJAGO Docks consists of 275 pieces and is based on the set of the same name (70657) from 2018. The model is 10 cm high, 6 cm wide, and 10 cm deep. The set includes a market, apartments, a tea house, and an arcade. The dock can be combined with the other three models. Later in the year, LEGO 40705 Micro NINJAGO Gardens and 40706 Micro NINJAGO Markets will be released.

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