LEGO Art 31210 Modern Art has been spotted early in stores


LEGO Art 31210 Modern Art, the second set to be spotted early in stores after LEGO Art 31209 The Amazon Spider-Man, is set to release on August 1, 2023, in the LEGO Shop. Priced at $/€49.99, this set includes a total of 805 pieces.

  • Set number: 31210
  • Name: Modern Art
  • Theme: Art
  • Pieces: 805
  • Price: $49,99/€49,99 in LEGO Shop
  • Release date: August 1, 2023
  • Recommended age: 18

LEGO Art 31210 Modern Art

What sets LEGO Art 31210 Modern Art apart from previous LEGO Art sets is its emphasis on bricks of various sizes and shapes, allowing builders to unleash their creativity in crafting abstract and modern artworks. While the packaging showcases four designs by LEGO, builders also have the freedom to create their own unique and original designs.

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