LEGO Ideas 21350 Jaws Set to Release in August 2024


A year ago, LEGO announced that the Ideas project “Jaws” by designer Diving Faces would receive a commercial release. Now it’s known that the set will be released as LEGO Ideas 21350 Jaws. The final design consists of 1497 bricks and will be available in the LEGO Shop for a suggested retail price of €159,99/$159.99. The launch is scheduled for August 1, 2024. Currently, there is no image available.

The original LEGO Ideas project.

LEGO Ideas 21350 Jaws

The LEGO Ideas project “JAWS” reached the milestone of 10,000 votes on November 8, 2022. After 238 days, the design managed to garner enough support. This success follows an earlier attempt in November 2020, when the project was also popular but ultimately not selected by LEGO for production.

The new design features some subtle adjustments compared to the first version, including a different color scheme for the ship and some changes on the deck. The shark has also received an upgrade, with a sharper jaw that exudes an even more threatening appearance than before.

The inspiration for this project naturally stems from the iconic 1975 film by director Steven Spielberg and the 1974 novel by Peter Benchley. The set includes minifigures of Martin Brody, Matt Hooper, and Quint, and of course, the world-famous shark named Bruce.

For the original project, approximately 1600 bricks were used, with 1050 for the Orca and 550 for the shark. The boat features a detailed interior, complete with fishing gear and, of course, the iconic yellow barrels that fans of the film will surely recognize.

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