LEGO Ideas 21351 The Nightmare Before Christmas to be Released in September 2024


A year ago, LEGO announced that the Ideas project The Nightmare Before Christmas would be released as an official set. The set will be available on September 1, 2024 as LEGO Ideas 21351 The Nightmare Before Christmas, consisting of 2193 pieces. The exact price of the set is not yet clear, but given the number of pieces, we expect a price around 200 euros. The images below are from the original project and not the final design.

LEGO Ideas 21351 The Nightmare Before Christmas

LEGO Ideas 21351 The Nightmare Before Christmas set combines various areas of Halloween Town from the iconic 1993 Tim Burton movie. To add some playability, several additional features have been incorporated into the set so builders can recreate their favorite scenes.

  • Set number: 21351
  • Name: The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Theme: Ideas
  • Pieces: 2193
  • Minifigures: unknown
  • Price: €??/$?? in LEGO Shop
  • Release date: September 1, 2024
  • Age: 18+

At the heart of the set is Jack Skellington’s house. Here, we find a living room with a armchair and a fireplace. There’s also an attic room with Jack’s bed and a space where Jack has created his unique vision of Christmas with a touch of Halloween.

On the right side of LEGO Ideas 21351 The Nightmare Before Christmas is the town square, complete with a town hall and a fountain. Here, we meet the Boogie’s Boys (Lock, Shock & Barrel), amidst an exciting scene depicting the kidnapping of Santa Claus as he is transported in a bathtub.

On the left side of the set, we find Spiral Hill, the home of Jack’s Ghostly dog Zero and his grave. We also see Dr. Finkelstein wandering among the graves, while Jack & Sally unite atop the hill to recreate one of the most recognizable scenes from the film. Another addition to the set is Jack, disguised as Sandy Claws, complete with his coffin-sleigh and skeletal reindeer. These can be placed on the town hall.

In total, the original idea includes eight minifigures:

  • Jack Skellington
  • Sally Stitches
  • Dr. Finkelstein
  • Lock
  • Shock
  • Barrel
  • Santa
  • Jack as Sandy Claws

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  1. Super excited! I’d like to see an Easter Bunny added. And maybe the forest with all the holiday doors. So many possibilities.


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