LEGO Ideas – If we could turn back time: Building Contest Inspired by the 80s


LEGO has announced today that a new Ideas building contest is coming with the theme of the 1980s. Builders can draw inspiration from the numerous series, films, toys, and more from that era. A total of five projects will be selected and the winner will be chosen through a Fan Vote.

LEGO Ideas – If we could turn back time

If you plan to participate, it’s important to check if the use of any intellectual property (IP) is allowed. If an IP is not listed in the IP tool, you can submit the creation, after which the LEGO evaluation team will assess the suitability of the IP. It may be approved or rejected. You can find the IP check tool by following this link and clicking on “Submit Idea.” The design must be entirely new or based on an expired Ideas project. Active projects will not be accepted. Additionally, it’s not intended for your design to be based on a current or previous LEGO set, such as Indiana Jones, Seinfeld, TRON.

The winning submission will receive the following:

  • 1% of the total net profit of the product
  • 10 free copies of your LEGO Ideas set
  • Acknowledgment in set materials as the LEGO Ideas Fan Designer

Furthermore, the 5 selected sets will receive:

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