LEGO Ideas Me, Myself and I: Reading, Reading and Reading to be released as Gift with Purchase (GWP)


On the LEGO Ideas platform, an new Fan Vote recently commenced to determine the next Gift with Purchase (GWP). Participants had the opportunity to cast their votes for one of the 15 sets that took part in the ‘Me, Myself and I‘ building contest, with voting open until July 11, 2023. Today, the Ideas team announced Fr_An’s creation “Reading, Reading and Reading” as the well-deserved winner.

The GWP will center around the theme of Singles Day, a celebration originating from China, dedicated to young individuals proud of their single status. The winning set is anticipated to be released as a GWP in 2024.

LEGO Ideas – Me, Myself and I (GWP)

Reading, Reading and Reading door Fr_An (winner)

Tiny Vegatable Garden door Plaatart

Plant, Books and Tea door The Creative Ninja

Piano Solo door Tarlinator

Me, My Duck Friend and I door PeterBoxxu

Journeys Unleashed: Epic Expeditions by Boat, Plane & Train door Framboosei

Handy Garden door Sapphireebrick

Solitaire door SJS Workshop

Embracing Your Passions door Martin_Studio

I Can Buy Myself Flowers door CreatorLauren

Relaxing in Winter Spa door JayBricks2019

Picnic by the Pond door Kiviptacek

The Audiophile door E.A.FAUX

Paintin’ the Dream door Ibalkhan

Stargazing & Night Sky Watching door BOI_design

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