LEGO Insiders to replace VIP program: everything you need to know

LEGO LEGO Insiders

The LEGO VIP program is getting a makeover. On Monday, August 21st, a new program named ‘LEGO Insiders‘ will launch, aiming to unify the entire ecosystem under one program. Builders who have purchased many sets in recent years can also add various VIP points to their account.

LEGO Insiders

LEGO Insiders

Currently, many users perceive VIP, Ideas, LEGO Life, and other activities as separate services. Additionally, LEGO requires multiple registrations and terms. Next week, everything will be consolidated under the name LEGO Insiders. This also means that if you sign up today as an adult with a LEGO account in the LEGO Builder app, you’ll automatically gain access to VIP benefits. A user who votes on LEGO Ideas also gets direct early access to that set, without needing to enroll in the VIP program. The complete list of all changes can be viewed on the LEGO Insiders page (opens the shop of your country).

The VIP points you currently possess will be automatically transferred to LEGO Insiders. Additionally, you can still earn points through purchases at the LEGO Shop. These points can be redeemed for discount codes or other VIP rewards. The value of the points remains unchanged.

A new way to earn points is by scanning the QR code on the instruction booklet of a set. For each scanned set, you’ll receive 20 VIP points, equivalent to about 13 cents. The QR codes are unique, preventing multiple scans. LEGO has already announced that it will introduce new ways to earn points in the future, but further information is not yet available. There will also be a LEGO Insiders Community, a place where fans can share builds, learn more about sets, and connect with other LEGO enthusiasts.

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