LEGO Shop Double VIP Points Promotion (June, 2023)


This week, LEGO fans around the world can once again take advantage of double VIP points at the LEGO Shop. Additionally, LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground and the LEGO 40607 Summer Fun VIP Add-On Pack are available as gifts with purchase during the event. The promotion runs from Friday, June 9th to Tuesday, June 13th, 2023.

LEGO Shop Double VIP Points Promotion


The highly anticipated VIP promotion starts at 12:00 a.m. on Friday, June 9th, 2023, in the LEGO Shop. This special event lasts until Tuesday, June 13th, allowing you to enjoy the benefits until 11:59 p.m. However, please be aware that there might be some issues with the display of double VIP points in the shopping cart, as experienced in the past. Although this may also occur shortly after midnight, rest assured that the points will be correctly calculated during the shipping of your order. If your VIP points are not displayed correctly in the shopping cart, LEGO will adjust them in the morning hours, as usual.

During the LEGO VIP 2X event, you have the opportunity to earn double VIP points on all your purchases. Normally, you receive 7.5 VIP points for every euro spent at the LEGO Online Shop. Every 150 VIP points have a value of €1, allowing you to use 5% of your purchase amount as a discount on your next purchase. However, during the VIP 2X promotion, this discount percentage is increased to 10%. This means you can save even more on your next LEGO purchase.

In addition to earning discounts, you can also redeem your VIP points for a variety of exciting products and experiences at the VIP Rewards Centre. These include VIP sweepstakes where you can win exclusive LEGO products, beautiful posters, Xbox Game Pass, handy LEGO tote bags, tickets to LEGOLAND, and much more.

Gift with Purchase (GWP)

LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground

LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground offers endless playtime with a pirate ship featuring a slide and a mast. The recreated beach, complete with a palm tree and a red octopus, creates a beautiful setting for adventures. With two minifigures of children dressed as pirates, young explorers can bring their own pirate stories to life. This 168-piece set is included for free with all orders over €100 in the LEGO Shop.

LEGO 40607 Summer Fun VIP Add-On Pack

LEGO has introduced a new gift with purchase for VIP members: LEGO 40607 Summer Fun VIP Add-On Pack. This set is available until June 16th and is included with all purchases in the LEGO Shop starting from €50. The expansion pack is a fantastic addition to your existing LEGO creations, containing 120 pieces to enhance and expand your builds. It includes various cute animals, a special tile for your pizzeria, multiple delicious pizzas, a cool surfboard, and more. Unleash your creativity and add extra fun and details to your LEGO world with this summer VIP Add-On Pack.

  • Name: Summer Fun VIP Add-On Pack
  • Set number: 40607
  • Theme: Gift with Purchase
  • Pieces: 120
  • Minifigures: 0
  • Conditions: purchases of $/€50 or more in the LEGO Shop
  • Availability: 04/06/2023-16/06/2023 while stocks last
  • Age: 6+

LEGO Shop exclusives

Please note that the LEGO Shop may not always have the lowest prices, so it’s wise to purchase sets that are not available elsewhere. Here are the most popular models:

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