LEGO survey reveals 13 new LEGO sets: Rivendell, Barad-dûr, Zelda, Jabba’s Sail Barge, Snow White and more

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This week, there were some noteworthy posts from user JeanGreyForever on the Eurobricks forum. In these posts, he shared information about different sets that have not yet appeared in the rumor circuit. The German website PromoBricks has revealed that this information came from a survey conducted by LEGO, which he participated in.

In this survey, a large number of LEGO sets were displayed, including some existing sets and models that are still in development. Participants were asked to indicate how much they would pay for each set. A certain price range was given, along with the price at which the model is likely to be offered. The sets have since leaked, but we can only provide you with a description due to the watermarks on the images.

The fact that the sets below were presented in the survey does not necessarily mean that all 13 will be released. The images clearly show that various sets are still in an early concept/design stage and are likely to appear no earlier than 2024, while some other sets are almost ready to be released.

LEGO 2023/2024

Barad-dûr – Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings theme has returned this year in the form of three BrickHeadz sets, but there are also rumors about the arrival of a D2C set: LEGO 10316 Rivendell. From the LEGO survey, we can see that there are more ideas. The leak shows Barad-dûr, which was built by Sauron in the land of Mordor. The black tower is 83 cm tall, 44 cm wide and 36 cm deep. Inside there are various rooms with cells and weapons arsenals. Minifigures of Sauron, Sam Gamgee, Frodo with the ring, and Orcs are said to be included.

Rivendell – Lord of the Rings

Last year, the first rumors about a LEGO set of the Elven city Rivendell appeared. We can reveal that this set was also part of the LEGO survey. LEGO Lord of the Rings 10316 Rivendell is likely to be released in March. On the image, a huge building is visible with around 15 minifigures and the dome of Rivendell. The set will have a recommended retail price of €499.99. The number of bricks and minifigures is still unknown.

Medieval Market Village – Knights

The knight theme has been out of style for a long time at LEGO, but last year LEGO Icons 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle was used to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the company. The theme may get another set, as one of the leaked images shows the successor to LEGO 10193 Medieval Market Village from 2009. The set contains four medieval houses in the form of a facade, which can be closed in the same way as the Lion Knight’s Castle. So you can either show two closed houses or play with four houses that are open at the back. The houses are surrounded by four trees, which are also made of bricks. The set will probably contain at least eight minifigures. There will also be many animals: two sheep, a cow with calf, a horse, a cat, various birds, squirrels and a goat.

The Burrow – Harry Potter

In 2020, LEGO Harry Potter 75980 Attack on the Burrow was unveiled, and it seems that LEGO is considering releasing the Weasley family’s house again. The larger D2C set would be 50 cm tall, 25 cm wide, and 24 cm deep. The house has a detailed interior and there will even be a kind of self-cleaning dish to be seen. It’s likely that the set can be opened to view the interior. The Burrow will come with nine minifigures, including Arthur and Molly Weasley and their seven children.

Sorting Hat – Harry Potter

The Sorting Hat is a living hat at Hogwarts that magically determines which of the four school Houses each new student belongs to the most. LEGO has also made its own version of this hat. The hat in LEGO form stands on a black base and there isn’t much more to tell about it.

The Khetanna (Jabba’s Sail Barge) – Star Wars

The largest and most expensive model presented in the LEGO survey is The Khetanna (Jabba’s Sail Barge). If released, it will likely be part of the Ultimate Collector Series and may be aimed at the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. The images show the brown spaceship with sand-colored sails. It stands on a black base and given the price, the set will likely have a detailed interior. With a height of 26 cm, a width of 25 cm, and a length of 60 cm, the ship would be designed on minifigure scale.

Snow White and the 7 dwarves – Disney

Recently, you could already read about the LEGO 71038 100 Years of Disney Minifigures, and notably Snow White was missing from the list of characters, but it is likely that this minifigure and the 7 Dwarves may be introduced in a separate set. Last year, the LEGO Ideas project “Snow White” was rejected by LEGO, and this could be an indication that the company has created its own model. This also appears from the survey, where an image was shown of a set designed by LEGO. It has a similar appearance to the rejected LEGO Ideas design, but is more compact with dimensions of 25 cm high, 20 cm wide, and 30 cm deep. The roof is not yellow as in the Ideas design, but dark orange. In addition to the house, there is an outbuilding with a well and 3 trees. The minifigures in the set are Snow White and the 7 dwarves. It’s likely that the set will be released for Disney’s 100th anniversary later this year.

Simba (Lion King) – Disney

The Lion King is the next Disney film that may receive its own LEGO set. LEGO has shown an image of Simba, the main character from the film, in the survey. In the image, the lion from the world-famous animated film is shown sitting. It seems that the head and mouth can be moved. Simba in LEGO form is 30 cm high, 16 cm wide and 25 cm deep.

Donald Duck – Disney

Another character that Disney fans might be able to build in the future is Donald Duck. The model has an adjustable head and the arms and hands seem to be movable as well. Donald Duck stands on a LEGO-built pedestal with the name on it and is dressed in his blue sailor suit. The figure is 30 cm tall, 16 cm wide, and 19 cm deep.

Sleeping Beauty – Disney

A future LEGO set for Disney fans could be based on the classic “Sleeping Beauty” from 1959. The “Sleeping Beauty” set shows the battle between Prince Philip and Maleficent in her dragon form on the bridge. The dragon is made of multiple LEGO bricks, has cloth wings, and a green flame is coming out of its mouth. Prince Philip and Maleficent are included in the set as minifigures. The dragon is movable and can also be used outside of the diorama. On the front is a printed tile, presumably with a quote from the movie.

The Great Deku Tree – Zelda

LEGO and Nintendo have already released several beautiful LEGO sets, but so far the focus has mainly been on Mario. However, there also seem to be plans to bring other popular Nintendo games to the world of LEGO. During the survey, the Danish company revealed The Great Deku Tree from the Zelda games. The tree can be built in the design from Ocarina of Time with green leaves or in the style of Breath of the Wild with mostly pink leaves. Both designs differ not only in color from each other, because to build the other style the tree must be completely reassembled. On the front of the set is a LEGO tile with the Zelda logo. There are three minifigures of Link visible in different outfits.

Gotham City – Batman (DC)

For Batman fans, LEGO seems to have designed a special Art set of Gotham City. The skyline of Gotham City is depicted at a height of 32 cm and a width of 77 cm. The Batman and Gotham logo are also visible on the image. By allowing the bricks to stand out, LEGO creates a 3D effect, bringing the city to life. Minifigures of Batman, Joker, Harley, Mr. Freeze and Phantasm are said to be included.

X-Mansion – Marvel

The Marvel theme might get the X-Mansion of the X-Men. X-Mansion, also known as Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and the Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters, is a private academy for young mutants where they can receive an education without persecution from the outside world. The building is 25 cm high, 53 cm wide, and 17 cm deep. The two-story building is built with light brown and dark brown elements with a gray roof. There is a gate with a fence in front of the house. Nothing can be said about the interior of the building, but the back should be open to provide the necessary playability. At least 9 minifigures are included with Professor X, Magneto, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Beast, Mystique, Sabretooth, and Emma Frost.

  • Name: X-Mansion
  • Theme: Marvel
  • Pieces: 3122
  • Price range: up to $/390 in LEGO Shop
  • Most likely price: $/€300

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