LEGO Technic 42172 McLaren P1 will be the next Ultimate Car


In 2024, a new model will be added to the LEGO Technic Ultimate Car Concept series. It had been known for some time that it would be a McLaren, but the specific model was still unknown. However, an image of the LEGO 6535735 P1 Logo seems to confirm that it will be the P1. This 178-piece set will be included as a gift with purchase. The LEGO Technic 42172 McLaren P1 will be launched in August or September in the LEGO Shop for €449,99/$449.99. The model consists of 3,893 pieces, making it the largest set in the series.

LEGO Technic 42172 McLaren Supercar

It is not yet clear which version the LEGO Technic 42172 McLaren P1 is based on. There are rumors that McLaren will introduce a new P1 in 2024. According to reports, the model will feature a carbon fiber chassis with integrated seat backs, 3D-printed components in the suspension system, and aerodynamic features inspired by Formula 1. Notably, the new P1, according to the report, will be the first street-legal McLaren model without dihedral doors; instead, it will feature roof-hinged gullwing doors.

The current McLaren P1.

The plug-in system will deliver more than 1,000 horsepower, partly thanks to a new V8 engine, although the drivetrain configuration (including the number of motors) is still unknown. According to the same sources, the drivetrain will be approximately 70% lighter than the system McLaren currently uses. It is precisely because of this weight that the vehicle will not be fully electric.


  1. None of the other Lego enthusiast sites have mentioned what the 2024 supercar will be, this is the only site I’ve seen say specifically that it will be a McLaren of some description. Since there is no mention of source are you guys just speculating too, potentially creating clickbait on purpose or do you have an elusive Crystal ball that is somehow more accurate than everyone at the rumor mill?

    • Believe whatever you want, I hope you come back when the set is official. FYI: I hate clickbait.

    • Nobody names a source when the information is a leak because they don’t want their source to get into trouble. You didn’t think this through, did you?

  2. Based on the design and the smaller versions available …. I’d like to see the Senna GTR in this size … but hey…. still gonna get it whatever it is !


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