LEGO Technic 42172 McLaren Supercar is the next addition to the Ultimate Car series


In 2024, a new model will be added to the LEGO Technic Ultimate Car Concept series. This model will be released under set number 42172 and is inspired by a McLaren supercar. The set is expected to be launched on August 1st in the LEGO Shop for €449,99/$499.99. LEGO Technic 42172 McLaren Supercar consists of 3893 pieces, making it the largest model in the series.

LEGO Technic 42172 McLaren Supercar

At the moment, it is not yet clear which specific car serves as the basis for the LEGO Technic 42172 McLaren Supercar. Typically, the models are based on recent cars, which could possibly result in a Solus GT or a Speedtail. Once more information is available, the article will be updated.

  • Set number: 42172
  • Name: McLaren Supercar
  • Theme: Technic
  • Pieces: 3893
  • Minifigures: n/a
  • Price: €449,99/$499.99 in LEGO Shop
  • Release date: August 1, 2024
  • Age: 18+

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